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Tips for the adventurous

The region has been home to Celts and Romans who have all left their impression on the landscape. Your hostess has prepared a variety of routes for hiking and riding that will take you to those historic places past the most magnificent natural sights. Should the castle have raised your interest you will be happy to learn, that the Eifel boasts one of Europes highest density of castles, many of which are within short driving distance. Should you want to take all this in from above, the airport of Föhren offers sightseeing flights.

The famous hiking - path "Eifelsteig" passes the castle at its front whereas a stop here refreshes you for the next day heading to Kordel/Trier.

Geologically the Eifel is something right from the books. For those guests who want to learn more about the development of our earth's crust, the Maare all around Manderscheid, the Devils-Canyon near Irrel or the Wolfs-Canyon nearby Mosenberg have many stories to tell.

Your interest in wine will be more than saturated by a vast variety of wine tasting in the Mosel region – renown worldwide for its finest Riesling wines.

Where there is fine wine, good food is also cherished. You will find some of Germany's best restaurants close by the Castle of Bruch. But also numerous inns offer a fine choice of local delicacies.

For exclusive shopping tours we can recommend the elegant city of Luxembourg.



Those guests who visit the castle during winter time will be enchanted by the snow covered towers. This tends to be a brief pleasure though, at altitudes of 200m above MSL and the warm climatic conditions of the Mosel harsh winters are an exemption.